Gold is money. Everything else is credit.

J.P. Morgan


We bring high-performance asset backed investments to the market

As a high-performing investment company, we firmly believe that physical Gold is an asset class that should be part of any investment portfolio.


We are proud to put our clients first and work with integrity and transparency. Through our sister company Tandem Liber Holdings Limited we control the whole process from the actual gold mining, the logistics to refining. We are the final step where we can tailor investment products to suit the financial goals and needs of our clients from a stable and well recognized jurisdiction.


FDIC Gold Holdings is part of a Dutch based investment company named First Dutch Investment Company. FDIC Gold Holdings is the division of First Dutch Investment Company specializing in holding and trading physical Gold and Gold backed assets.


FDIC Gold Holdings and its subsidiaries are not active on consumer markets and non-regulated entities. FDIC Holdings and its subsidiaries will only trade within the gold market with professionals and companies.


Exceeding Your Expectations

Our diversified Gold Investment Opportunities


FDIC Gold Holdings as part of First Dutch Investment Company is active on a diversified portfolio of Gold and other asset class natural resources.

The interests of FDIC Gold Holdings are;

Gold Forwarded Contracts

Making use of future produced gold as an colletaralized investment instrument or in the future Gold Futures which can be traded at the stock exchanges.

Raw Gold in dust/nuggets run of mine

Buying exclusive production capacity at other producing  mines where we especially target the artisanal production in order to enhance local economies and contribute to the development of (local) economies of the countries we are active in. 

Bullion Gold as a hedging asset

Holding strategic Bullion Gold asset positions in order to strengthen our balance sheets for future activities or as a leverage instrument against fiat currency positions in on of the related activities within our group of companies.

Refinery facilities

Holding strategic positions in refinery positions, preferably LBMA certified in several Geo Political areas.

Holding facilities

Holding strategic position in holding facilities, which are equipped to store high value assets of which Gold and Diamond with SKR certification.

Joint Venturing in SSML

Taking strategic positions in producing activities in oder to spread risk over several areas and/or Geo Political areas.

Diversified asset classes

There are many natural resources which could be interesting for holding one- or more positions. For example we are also involved in large Iron Ore deposits, Coltan (Columbite and Tantalum) which is very sought after in the hi-tech industry, but also Titanium, Diamond could be of interest.

Trading of Licenses

Holding licenses with natural resources which are upgraded to a "brown field" or "proven asset" JORC verified grade. These licences are qualified as "fair value" when it comes to brown field operation or graded on JORC as a proven asset. These licenses will be sold through our network to locals- or international orientated prospects.


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